Our Mission Statement


Survivorwear are garments specifically engineered to meet the needs of patients dealing with the long or short-term side effects of treatment. These garments are designed and engineered by a volunteer with the help of cancer patients. Such garments were designed with the goal of alleviating the suffering that occurs when persons in our community who are in cancer treatment. What we have accomplished in the short time that we have worked on Vivorwear is more than we, the staff, ever imagined.


The garments that were designed and engineered include hats and turbans; an ostomy undershirt designed to hold the ostomy appliance in places; cotton breast prosthesis filled with small round "pillows" so that women can fit it to their size; a post-mastectomy vest with pockets to hold drains after mastectomy; the a radiation vest that is lined with 100% brushed cotton for soothing and comfort; the mediport tee which provides access to mediport providing a sterility while in treatment; and the portable chemo pump vest which provides safe pocket for holding of pump.  We are cognizant of the fact that persons with other debilitating illnesses can utilize some of these items. Our goal is to sell these items to maintain the sustainability of our non-profit organization, Cancer Resource Center of the Desert. We are hopeful that others will see the potential to produce these garments en masse and assist us to get this social enterprise venture off the ground.


Exclusive to the service of Imperial County cancer patients, the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert’s mission is to educate, guide, support, and empower the cancer patient through their cancer journey. Through Patient Navigation, CRCD removes barriers to cancer care including education about the diagnosis and treatment, providing needed emotional support, transportation assistance, financial advocacy (including assisting the uninsured and underinsured to obtain adequate insurance) and any other barrier that patient may face. In addition, CRCD provides Outreach Navigation for the purpose of educating the community regarding the importance of early detection and prevention. Since CRCD opened its doors in September 2006, it has served over 2,200 cancer patients who live in Imperial County. All services are provided at no charge to cancer patients living in Imperial County.​